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Zolesto Unban Appeal

Minecraft Name: Zolesto

Date Banned: Today

Person you were banned by, if known: Idk

Do you know why you were banned? If so please explain: “duping”

Were you given a warning before being banned (yes/no): no

Apology/ Reason why you should be unbanned:

I’d like to start off by saying I did not dupe the items. I went to spawn and saw those items. And I naturally thought “Oh free items”. So I picked them up and took the gear, I then opened some relics, I don’t even know what those are. I’m new to Minecraft and this server, I’ve only been playing for 1-2 weeks. I didn’t know that if I used items someone else duped I would get banned. I also saw other players take the items too so I thought it was okay. I realise that not knowing the rules is not an excuse, so I am sincerely sorry for taking those items which another player duped. I promise I won’t do this again. Please let me play, you can delete my inventory too!

Given it’s your first offense I’ll unban you, got rid of most of the items you had in your inventory and ender chest. And yes, using duped items is as bad as duping the items yourself.