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Updated to 8.1.2

Core has updated to 8.1.2.


Added new Pokémon:

Added Clobbopus
Added Grapploct
Added Cramorant
Added Arrokuda
Added Barraskewda
Added Galarian Corsola
Added Cursola
Added Galarian Zigzagoon
Added Galarian Linoone
Added Obstagoon
Added Galarian Weezing
Added Galarian Darumaka
Added Galarian Darmanitan
Added Sizzlepede
Added Centiskorch - Also referred to as nope.
Added Falinks
Added Toxel
Added Toxtricity - Amped and Low-Key
Added Indeedee - Male and Female forms
Added Hatenna
Added Hattrem
Added Hatterene
Added Milcery
Added Alcremie
Added Galarian Ponyta
Added Galarian Rapidash
Added Impidimp
Added Morgrem
Added Grimmsnarl
Added Galarian Farfetch'd
Added Sirfetch'd
Added Galarian Slowpoke
Added Galarian Slowbro
Added Morpeko
Added Pincurchin
Added Snom
Added Frosmoth
Added Galarian Mr. Mime
Added Galarian Meowth
Added Perrserker
Added Dreepy
Added Drakloak
Added Dragapult

See changelog and download 8.1.2 from here–> https://reforged.gg/
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