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Updated to 7.2.2

Core has updated to 7.2.2!
Here are some of the additions.

  • Added new valentines day textures for Gardevoir and Spinda … better late then never right?
  • Added new Pokémon cries for Abomasnow, Aipom, Bruxish, Crustle, Cutiefly, Darmanitan, Darumaka, Delphox, Dwebble, Mimikyu, Noivern, Numel, Pelipper, Riolu, Salamence, Swablu, Vivillon, Whimsicott, and Zoroark.
  • Added a new machine called the Infuser, this allows you to craft Type Gems and Vitamins!

That’s great and all but can you like

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want my like instead :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey Ren its me Naxon and I’m having trouble logging in on PikaCore because of the daily reward, it won’t let me type or do anything because no matter how many times I close it it pops back up