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Unban appeal-sorry:/

$new In-game Username: FujiwaraX3

Date banned: 10/22/21

Person I got banned from: For now i actually dont know

Do you know why you were banned? If so please explain: I was usingg xray, And the reason behind this was simple, just to make money. And for me and my friend to buy things in gts. There were alot of pokemon/eggs we really wanted, and now I just want to play with my friend again:(.I’m sorry

Were you given a warning before being banned: No, or from what I see. The chat is really hard to read so I hardly read it, so i was maybe given a warning.

Apology/Reason on why you should be unbanned:
First off I really regret doing its… obviously. But I’ve never really learnt my lesson since i was using xray on other servers and was never banned. But im really sorry for doing it on your server, and will promise to not do it again. I hope you accept my apology:-( I really hope you dont take everything from me but just the diamonds that riolu is very special to me

Edit: making it more easy to read, and it seems like you need to put $new at the start. (also edited my Do you know why you were banned)

hello, please join our discord so you can get updated if you got unbanned or not

oh ok, thanks

Your appeal was accepted and your ban will expire in 4 days, and 3 hours.