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Unban appeal APITB

MC name: APITB
Date Banned: 10/24/2020
Banned by: Akizo
Reasoning: i got banned cuz i tp’d someone to me and killed him because we were doing a trade so i can take the stuff and as i was tp’ing to him to drop him the stuff some random was hitting me so i couldn’t tp and as i was answering akizo asking why did i do that i told him “i was gonna give him the stuff” and i went to collect the items then tp to him to throw the guy his stuff that we agreed for because i didn’t trust him to have all my stuff which was more than 3 items and i was giving him 1 item so i didn’t trust him throwing them all i got banned before i did that however i was gonna give him the stuff infront of akizo but akizo didn’t wait and banned me with out warning or even waiting for us to complete the trade.
However the other reason “TP trapping” is invalid since tp trapping is allowed all that i did was tp the guy to my self i was gonna kill him take the stuff then tp to him and give him his orb that he wanted to buy from me

Discussed and explained directly.
1 day 16 ish hours remain on the ban.
This is closed.