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Turn PvP back on in Pikadex [Poll]

Should Pikadex turn Pvp back on?
I dont care but hey a lot of people care.

Vote in the poll below to voice your opinion.

Will it mean anything in the end?
Does anything mean anything in the end…

  • Turn PvP back on.
  • Do NOT turn PvP back on.

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Please kill me.

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Here’s my problem with it being disabled:

It was one person who complained. One person’s vote shouldn’t carry that much weight, it can change the entire servers PvP side - considering the fact the person who complained is a non-staff.

IMO, there should’ve been a vote before this actually came into effect. This vote should have been voted on by everyone. The reason it shouldn’t be staff only is that they don’t experience the server the same way a regular player would, therefore, it wouldn’t make sense for them being the only factor in changing such a thing in the server.


One of the arguments one would say to disable pvp would be " there are pvp servers to play on ". Having pvp activated doesn’t make this a pvp server. As a pvp server has kits, rules and such but doesn’t have Pokemon you cant really compare them. Pvp has always been part of pikadex / minecraft. If you really dont want base killing just add the option to disable pvp in claims just like zodpoolx’s claim before reset.
All players have access to the same pvp options. Supreme ranks are generous by having a shop to sell cheap enchants and you can farm thunder / dawn / sun armour easily. Ask someone to tp you to ice spikes and beat rocket grunts with an amulet coin you get 4k per battle. you need a maximum of 50 battles to get a full evolution stone armour. Plus I noticed “smuusher” voted no. Lemme remind you a perk of a donator : /heal /feed so you cant die. If you want to avoid trolling per killing as possible maybe make a rule where you have to wait a few minutes before killing someone / limit of kills to one person before having to stop. Btw 20% sales off you might want to buy Master before it runs out if you dont have it ^^.

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Also i just noticed, since PvP is disabled, its impossible to host any pvp events.

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Like you said “Lemme remind you a perk of a donator : /heal /feed so you can`t die.” yeah it is a perk, but to make combat fair for both sides(people with the command and without) there should be no way to use /heal and /feed while being active in pvp.
I agree with the global pvp part, but there should be at least protection in claimed areas.
Make that tpakills(teleporting to player and killing them/other people near him/her) are bad thing as well.
Limiting player kills would make some minigames not work(sumo) so i dont think it will see daylight.

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No pvp=big gay


For sumo all we would need is a beacon with regeneration. *we killed a wither and it didnt drop one so ya. also about the /heal /feed I would agree that /heal can be annoying but /feed isnt. eating a steak takes 1/2 secs and it only slows you down. where as you got to stop to type in /feed. even if you copy paste it you still lose as much time. Just like how energy / momentum works.

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if u wanna solve the problem of invincible donors disable /heal in combat
i see no reason to disable this at all


I just want to turn Pvp back on so I can kill georgy

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@Rene The polls speaks for itself 75% to turn on pvp i think that you should listen to the community and turn it back on

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While I support the PVP ban, the overwhelming majority have spoken and therefore the server should reflect their opinion @Rene

69% say yes (nice)
31% = big gay