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Token Points Event!

Special NPC trainers standing still in survival world will reward 3 shop token points upon defeat.
Give your token points to any staff you see ingame.
Your point totals will be updated ingame at warp tokens top floor, on an ongoing basis.
If you do not see staff ingame within 48 hours of earning the token points, dm Renellin.
Token points that are not turned in or dm’d will not be counted.
A multiplier may be applied to token points balance, depending on the number of participants and total points earned.
The event will end the earlier of August 9th or when someone reaches 256 points to purchase any legend in the legendary token shop tiers 1 through 9.

Here’s more details on the NPC trainers.

  • Do not battle special NPC trainers with full inventory, as the shop token points will be lost.
  • Do not let others teleport to you to battle special NPC trainers to try to give advantage to specific players.
  • They look like ordinary trainers of any type and any level.
  • Once beaten they despawn.
  • There will be around 50 placed every few days. Which translates to hundreds of tokens to be earned.
  • You will not know which trainers are special, since they are ordinary trainers.
  • They are not bosses, so anyone can beat them.

Good luck and happy hunting! :sun_with_face:

Note: No cheating, eating, trading, selling, giving away, gambling or asking for others’ tokens.

Nobody cares.


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Cameron such a chad

The minigame events were the best, But this is better than nothing i guess