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Summer Event

Summer is finally ending! Hooray more school. For the ending of this summer, the SedexPvP staff give you two events.

Now who likes SkyWars! Yes as per this summers event one the events shall be SkyWars. As per normal SkyWars you will either spawn on a separate island on your own, or you will be in a team! You will take the loot present in the chests and make way to the middle to get the best loot there is. Whoever, team or player shall it be, if you are the last one standing, you will win.

If you somehow manage to bring items in which are not yours, you will be disqualified. No cheating e.i no hack clients, no extra items, no abusing glitches, etc.

1st Place Gets:

  • Boss Spawn Egg of choice
  • 3 Emerald Crate Keys
  • 3 Diamond Crate Keys
  • 3 Gold Crate Keys
  • Custom Prefix Till Next Event
  • $15000
  • Zombie Pigman Spawner
  • 100 mcMMO redeem points

2nd Place Gets:

  • Gershon Spawn Egg
  • 1 Emerald Crate Key
  • 1 Diamond Crate Key
  • 1 Gold Crate Key
  • Custom Prefix Till Next Event
  • $5000
  • Cow Spawner
  • 30 mcMMO redeem points

3rd: Place Gets:

  • Nightmare Spawn Egg
  • 1 Gold Key
  • Custom Prefix Till Next Event
  • $1500
  • Villager Spawn Egg
  • 10 mcMMO redeem points

Builder Event
Yes! A builder event, for SP. You are meant to build in the Creative server. To go there simply do /creative. You’re meant to build a battle arena. A suitable size for a boss. Please don’t make it small, players are meant to run around and fight in it. Use whatever blocks you seem fit. Points will be given on detail, how creepy it looks and how well it suits the boss.

The boss is a necromancer who summons the dead. He is very slow but has a ton of health.

The winner or winners have a chance of becoming a builder in SedexPvP.
You are not allowed to use another build made by someone else. You may have people help you but, only the owner of the plot will be rewarded if won.

If you are participating in the build event, please tell us below with your in game name.

You are also allowed to use previously built stuff. Only if the majority was built by you.

1st Place Gets:

  • ThomasGH or 21st_Cheran spawn Egg.
  • Riptide for a month exactly.
  • $15000
  • Enderman Spawner.
  • 150 mcMMO redeem points.
  • 3 Emerald Crate Keys
  • 3 Diamond Crate Keys

2nd Place Gets:

  • Nightmare or BlueOni Spawn Egg.
  • Gershons Axe for a month exactly.
  • $5000.
  • Cow Spawner.
  • 50 mcMMO redeem points.
  • 1 Emerald Crate Key.
  • 1 Diamond Crate Key.

3rd Place Gets:

  • Kit soulnumber’s chestplate.
  • $1000.
  • Meliodas Spawn Egg.
  • 1 Gold Crate Key.
  • 25 mcMMO redeem points.

Builder Event Starts Today, Sunday August 19th. It Ends Next Sunday on August 26th at 9:30 AM EDT.
SkyWars Event Starts on Saturday August 25th at 2:30 PM EDT.

Builder Event Participants So Far

  • Alria
  • TechWiz
  • sanat1235
  • Toni
  • BelugaWhale
  • hukpat19
  • Renellin

no pikadex event?

This event is purely for SedexPvP. It is not linked with any other server. I am not the right person you need to ask for a Pikadex event.

Builder Event postponed to end on Friday August 31st due to lack of complete submissions.

SkyWars postponed to next Saturday 2:30PM EDT

Builder Event Winners

1st Place: Renellin
2nd Place: Hukpat19 and BelugaWhale.
Third place goes to no one because there wasn’t anything else to go off. Hukpat’s build suited the Boss but lacked detail and organization. BelugaWhale’s build did not suit the boss at all but had a huge amount of detail. Renellin’s build suited the boss and was organized.