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_suarez_ knight app

*You must have played the server for atleast 1 month.
**You cannot apply for this if your squire application has not been accepted.
SedexCraft Username: suarez
Why do you wish to become a Knight (210 Characters / 40 words minimum):I want to get knight cuz i got demoted (idek what wrong i did ;( ), i am active and i want my cmds (/tahere /back /action or /home bed wich is very useful) and respectivity back, i think i should get that rank cuz i play like 1 year and 3 months active.
What were the contributions you have done as a Squire:I was help people in differnent ways.
Did you receive any mutes, bans, jails etc:Yes, i got banned for Creative Glich, and i am so sorry about it.
If you have why:Creatie Glich.