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Staff Application

Hi my ign is AJNBGreen, I am 15 my time zone is America EST, I applying for helper or mod,I love sedexcraft and would love to help make the server a better place for players to have fun, I have over a years worth of experience being mod up and am able to record proof of people hacking or abusing using OBS, I will be able to be on every day for a few hours.

Thank you for your time, If I get accepted I will happily help the server and players as I can.

We don’t accept staff applications.

Our staff is chosen when needed by the current staff. We choose staff based on how active and involved in the community they are. We all have our candidates based on that, and when the time to choose new staff comes, we all suggest and vote for those candidates.

You can help a lot without being a moderator. Being a nice, helpful member of the community, who is active and involved with other players is something a non-staff member can do as well.

Application denied due to reasons stated above.