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SlizeYT Squire app

[color=#333333]SedexCraft Username:SlizeYT[/color]

[color=#333333]Why do you wish to become Squire (110 Characters / 20 words minimum):I love to play on Sedex,I want to achieve something on Sedex.such as, for example, a rank that is why I write this app <3 :)[/color]

[color=#333333]Did you read the SedexCraft rules:Yes[/color]

[color=#333333]Are you willing to comply with the SedexCraft rules:Yes[/color]

[color=#333333]Do you understand that if you break the rules of SedexCraft you will be punished:Yes[/color]

[color=#333333]How did you Sedex[/color][color=#333333]Craft:Over the Internet :P[/color]

[color=#333333]Where are you from (Country):i am from Serbia <3[/color]