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SedexPvP Rules

Created on: May 5, 2019
Last edited on: May 5, 2019

Everything Listed Here Is The Absolute Set Of Rules For SedexPvP Server.
Any Rule May Change At Any Time!

Any kind of insulting directed towards someone will get you punished. The degree of punishment varies on the situation. Our staff will punish accordingly on what they deem appropriate.

Raiding (or) Grieving:
Raiding is totally allowed. We encourage users to raid.
If a user invites another user to their faction but they end up raiding it, it is in no way, our fault. Anyone can raid anyone/anything.

Raiding anything built for the server (e.i. spawn, pvparena, etc) is not allowed. This will get you permanently banned.

Using glitches, bugs, exploits, or client modifications in order to gain any unfair advantage over another User is not allowed.

If the modification is not listed here Allowed Mod List then it is not allowed and you will be banned depending on the modification used.
Any sort of ‘cheat’ used will get you permanently banned.

Pretense of being a Staff Member while you are not, will get you banned. We have a select staff who do their job.

Unlawful entry upon another User’s account without the real User’s consent and permission will get you permanently banned.

Account Sharing:
Account sharing is tolerated on account of us, the Staff, being unable to control it.
You are responsible for your account, anyone you provide with access, can do whatever they wish upon your account.

Advertising anything, is totally not allowed. It will get you permanently banned.

Spamming is in no way allowed. It will get you muted.
If you’ve been muted multiple times for spamming you may be permanently muted, or temporarily banned.

Swearing is tolerated to a certain extent, as long as it’s not directed towards someone or something. Excessive swearing will result in punishment.

Sharing Personal Information:
Sharing another’s personal information without their consent or permission, is in no way allowed. This will get you permanently banned.

English is the only language allowed in the Global Chat.
If you wish to speak a different language with someone else, you must use a private chat, such as, Party Chat, msg, Faction Chat, etc.

Abuse of Donor Perks:
If a Donor abuses the benefits they get by donation, the Staff retains the rights to take away those benefits, per our https://www.sedexrsps.com/tos/