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[SedexPvP Event]

To The Players Of SedexPvP,

On the first of April (Next Sunday) An Event Will Be Held (Date May Be Postponed). This event is PvP and treasure hunt themed. Once the event starts, players are to warp to the event’s location (/warp MindMaker). The rules which are explained here, will also be explained in game when the event starts.

Players will not be able to leave the small building they are in. Once the rules are explained the barrier blocks will be removed and the players will be free to move. PvP will be disabled for the first 30 seconds of the event. Players are to spread out and find treasure which has been hidden in the map.

Should a player kill another player(Which we highly recommend you to do), the loot is free to be taken by any player. Killed players can start again if they wish to do so by going to the warp again (/warp MindMaker).

A minimum of 10 players must be online for the event to take place.

When a player finds a treasure chest, each chest will contain treasure as well as a ‘Token’. The top three players will be known by the amount of ‘Tokens’ they acquire.

The rewards will only be given in SedexPvP. Do not ask for prizes from other servers.

As a bonus, a sword named Riptide will be hidden, it will be known by a boss. This boss is weak enough to be defeated by most players but strong enough to make things interesting.

Once the boss is defeated, the player who kills the boss will be told the location of the sword. Exactly 20 seconds later, the location will be known to the rest of the players as well

This sword has op enchants such as Sharpness 15 (A lot more), and most of the Custom Enchants. After 1 month, this sword is to be returned to staff. If you lie about losing the sword or deny to give it, we will know.

1st place will get
-1 Custom Enchant of choice at level 10, 100% success rate, 0% destroy rate
-3 Diamond Keys
-2 Emerald Keys
-60 McMMO Redeem points
-We will rename any one item you posses with which ever name and colour you desire.
-1 Cow Spawner

  • Bragging rights :smiley:

2nd place will get
-1 Custom Enchant of choice at level 5, 75% success rate, 25% destroy rate
-2 Diamond Keys
-20 McMMO Redeem points
-Pig Spawner

3rd place will get
-1 Custom Enchant of choice at level 1, 50% success rate, 50% destroy rate
-1 Gold Key
-5 McMMO Redeem Point
-Rabbit Spawner

Event Timings
10:30 AM EDT
3:30 PM CET
Top 3 winners will also be featured on the ‘Event Winners Board’ at spawn!
Map built by: 21st_Cheran, Renellin, TechWiz and freddyfingers

The SedexPvP Staff