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Sedexcraft towny survival Ban Appeal

Username: Shabba

Was not warned before being banned, i was not aware that just having a client was against the rules and i admit its my fault for not being familiar with the rules
i am very sorry for my ignorance and have shown to be well liked on the server
Have grinded for 2 weeks for everything i have, my town, and town members.
im not a nuisance or a glitcher/hacker which i think is obvious as im no where near "wealthy’ or ‘powerful’ on the server and just want to chill and have fun with friends. i love this server and hope to be able to play on it again

I will gladly uninstall the client and i am sorry for not reading up on rules before playing so much.

You have to use the proper unban appeal form:

Minecraft name:

Date Banned:

Banned by:


Were you given a warning before being banned (yes/no):

Apology/Reason why i should be unbanned:

Best of luck tho!

thank you for informing me :slight_smile: