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SedexCraft Christmas and New Year Event

From 23rd of December to 10th of January we will be hosting a Christmas and New Year Event.

The event is a series of quests together with a boss fight in a Christmas village on the North Pole.
All the quests are done on a 24 hours basis, which means that you can finish the quest every 24 hours to get the rewards.

As a finale to the quest, there is a minor boss fight against Krampus. The Krampus boss is made to be weak enough for anyone to beat, but strong enough to make the fight interesting.

All credits go to the SedexCraft Staff team, and special thanks go to Renellin, TechWiz and Caithy24for7 for building the whole village. We wouldn’t be able to do it without their excellent building skills.

You can check out the gallery of pictures taken by yours truly here:


Except for this, I would like to note that a few other players have decided to make their own player made events (sponsored by us). So, TechWiz will hold his event on 31st of December at 5 PM CET, which converts to:
[]8 AM PST
]11 AM EST
[]10 AM CST
Be sure to attend it, because some OP rewards will be given.


"There is a Creeper Head made of stone bricks (surrounded in glowstone) and a sunken ship (also surrounded in glowstone). There are chests inside with cool loot in it. If they are not found by 31st of December then we will reveal the exact location of them.

Good luck and have fun." ~ Lolz

This event is not sponsored by us and all loot is provided by Lolz and ZeseyHD


If there are any changes to this, or another player made event will also be held, you will be notified.

Talk to Santa Helper at /spawn to teleport

Double XP Weekend Dec 23 - Dec 24

Updated. Added a new player-made event.