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Response to Zodpoolx’s Pikadex Unban Appeal

Firstly, I would like to state that I am obligated to speak here because I am directly involved in this situation.

With my testimony, I should be able to clear up any misconceptions and details with Zod and my story.

Now where do I begin?

Should I start with my childhood story?
The day I learned how to ride my bike?
The day my parents divorced?
No no, perhaps I should start with the day I was drafted in the army.

You maybe asking yourself why this is relevant to Zod’s appeal…
It may not be clear at first, but by the end, you should understand the relevance.

Anyways, I shall set the scene.

  1. Sunday. Cloudy. I expect the rain to pour. I’m 17 years old.

I just came back from Church. I have been a Roman Catholic for all my life.
I see a letter stuck on my door. It’s from the United States Army.
The letter informed that I have been drafted.
Called to arms. To serve my country.
I am to be stationed in LZ Dick, located in the southern hills of the Soviet Republic of Pikastan, also known as Pikadex.
Duties to be later decided. I am to begin training tomorrow.

So much things are going through my mind.
Am I going to die? I don’t know how to fight! What do I tell my friends and family! I don’t support the war in Pikastan! I don’t even like war! I’m a pacifist!
Then I realized, god put me in this world for a reason.
This is what I was born to do. This is God’s Plan.

1 month later. Afternoon. Somewhere in the southern hills of Pikastan/Pikadex. Unknown cords.

It’s been a journey but now I’m here.
The Soviet Republic of Pikastan, or Pikadex.
I have been put into Company P. The front lines.
The duties of my company are to observe and protect. To shoot the enemy.
My enemy is the Pika Cong, or the National Liberation Front of Southern Pikastan, or as members of my company call them, Pooks.

Members of my company come from families of long lines of military geniuses and commanders. I was the odd one out, my family were all parishioners. I felt I was on my own.

However, there was another man that was in company.
Nobody knew his name. He was of Middle Eastern origin. Some say he was Syrian.
We all called him by the name on his dog tag, Zodpoolx, Zod for short.
For the next couple months in Southern Pikastan, me and Zod became good friends, some may say brother, maybe even more.
With the help of Zod, overtime, I have become a born again Muslim.
I have given myself to Allah, I have abandoned Jesus.

5 months later. In an unknown jungle in Southern Pikastan. Night. Really Dark.

Half our company are gone. Freak accidents and assaults.
It was just me and Zod and some other men.
Anyways, it was dark, we couldn’t see a thing. We had no recon.
I feel dead inside.

Suddenly, bullets were flying from all directions.
The Pika Cong found us, and we couldn’t see a thing.
We were pinned down, we had no Ariel support, we had no cover.
Some of our mean are wounded.
I realized I was shot, shot in the back.

Zod, luckily, had ForgeHax on him. It wasnt illegal at the time, but allegedly its use went against the Geneva Convention.
With ForgeHax, he was able to increase brightness, and we can now finally see.
So we started blasting. With the brightness, the helicopters found us, we had support.
After hours of fighting, the Pika Cong retreated.
With the courage and valour of Zodpoolx, we won the battle.
With his, yes, controversial actions, he nevertheless saved many lives, including mine.
I was quickly evacuated out of there and sent to a war hospital.
That was the last time I saw Zod.

53 Years Later. 2020. Present day.
The War in Pikastan ended a few years later, with the Pika Cong being victorious.
Was it worth it? Is anything worth it?
The doctors couldn’t fully heal my wounds.
I have been in a wheelchair since Pikastan, a cripple.
Zod decided to stay in Pikastan, or Pikadex after the war.
Me, Zod, and a majority who served in Pikastan has suffered from mental illness, PTSD.
Zod has kept ForgeHax with him, due to PTSD, and felt by keeping it, he would be safe from danger.

And now that brings us to today.
Zod is now in trouble because of ForgeHax.
From my story, I hope it’s clear to staff about the reasons why Zod has ForgeHax.
He didn’t have it because of bad intentions.
He had it for the same reasons as many Pikastan Veterans, due to the affects of war and personal destruction.

From my story, you should understand the character of Zod, he is courageous, brave, and a good person.

Free Zod. He did nothing wrong and should not been punished for it.



What you said has moved every part of me.

I didn’t know if i should talk about our days in Pikastan, But i guess i was afraid…
I was blinded by fear… Thank you for exposing me to my fears.
You reminded me of days i had tried to forget, Perhaps those were our best days…

What we went through was unimaginable, Does it justify our actions? I don’t know
But what i do know is that these people will never understand
They will never understand what it is to be surrounded by death, darkness and despair, They’ll never understand what it’s like to be faced with hard choices…
I don’t know…What i did might have been illegal BUT HELL I WASN’T GONNA GIVE UP WE WEREN’T GONNA GIVE UP
I had to do what i had to do… and if these people will not accept it then to hell with them…
We make our choices and we live with them, That’s because we are men… Men of God…

I have faith that there are good people still in Pikastan, It’s the reason i stayed…
Though i always understood why you left, And i never resented you for that…

I am glad God had us meet, I don’t know who i would be without our time, Thank you for your testimony.
It has been my honor to call you a brother… maybe even more


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These people will never understand what us Veterans had to go through, both in the past and in the present.

I did drugs, went to rehab, got addicted to heroin, started dealing, sold my body, started hurting myself, went to places which I shouldn’t have…

Pikastan fked us up. I never want to go back to that shthole of a nation. Is it even a nation? I don’t know how you can stand the place, but you are fighter brother.

Was Pikastan worth it? Were we even supposed to be there in the first place? I don’t know man. I don’t think it matter anyways. Did anything matter?

After testifying, I feel free, I feel good, I feel uncloseted.
Allah has shown me the way, Allah has shown me the path.
Allah told me to testify- told me to tell my story.
I thank god, for serving and meeting you. I am glad we met again brother. We are, more than brothers.