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Reason for being banned on pikacore?

This one’s for @Rene , my ban on craft, I understand, what about my ban on pikacore?
I would like you to state your reasons & explanation (and if there’s evidence) for my ban, in my case I don’t see why I got banned.
And if you can’t state ACTUAL PROPER reasons for banning me, go do some self reflection and punish yourself too, and yes of course if you can’t come up with any, I’m expecting an unban.

I didn’t ban you on any server.
If you did get banned, make an appeal and I’ll talk to staff about it.

So which fool banned me on pikacore if it wasn’t you? I want that person to give me a reason for the ban.

Since this isn’t a ban appeal topic I believe its ok for me to send this. I understand you may be angry with being banned for a certain valid or not reason but maybe think of it this way; maybe dont get banned in the first place and dont act disrespectful to any staff it being renellin or the one that banned you because it is your fault in the first place. This is proof of you not changing and it will probably not help you get unbanned quite the opposite you just dug your own grave. This is my own point of vue on the matter.

So are you expecting me to be respectful to people who banned me for nothing? I’m just here for a reason/explanation on my ban in pikacore. And just so you know, Renellin tried to force me into admitting that I duped on pikacore as well, if you don’t know how bad the staffs are, stop protecting them.

They are stupid what can I say lol

3 days and still no explanation, let’s see how long the staff will run away from this just like how they run from all their problems.

I get you may be mad that you got banned and didn’t get unbanned on craft.
But being rude and demanding, doesn’t make anyone want to help you.
That being said, I talked to core staff and no one knows about your ban on core.
And I can’t find your name in the ban file.
I suggest you take a screenshot of the ban message you are getting, and make an appeal.

Ah I see, at least that’s an explanation right there, should’ve just told me earlier and it would’ve solved the problem. Anyway, you can close this thread now since you gave me an explanation.

idk man seems like a cover up

To good for pikacore thus being banned

@Rene now I have another question, who told you to reset my password on pikacore? I have never requested one. Is this your way of ‘banning’ me?

No one told me to reset any password for you.
Being mad about craft, for which other staffs banned you for, and carrying that over isn’t gonna make anyone want to help you.
If you feel you are banned again, make another appeal.
If you need help and support, ask for it.