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Professor Application LekiGamerYT

Pikadex Username: LekiGamerYT

Why do you wish to become Professor: I want to become a professor so I can check the Ivs of the pokemon and choose the best ones so I can conquer other players.

Did you read the Pikadex rules: Of course I did.

Are you willing to comply with the Pikadex rules: Yes I am willing to comply with all of Pikadex rules.

Do you understand that if you break the rules of Pikadex you will be punished: Yes that is common sense break the rules and there will be consequences.

How did you find Pikadex: I found it online when I was searching for a server me and my sister can play on.

Where are you from: I am from Croatia.

I can dig it.
Probably a staff will accept it.
Or if you see an admin online just ask nicely to check it.

We have automated ranking systems now so this post is irrelevant

Delete this

You will rank up to professor with 24 hours in game playtime. No application needed.