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Bicuse i alwais send posts from phone i like to use full version (computer version) but now i cant swich it to full version i click on “seich to full version” then it back me on the top and it is on phone version
when im on some thret i click back 5 times every 3 seconds and im still on that threat
please fix this

P.S. now i cant even zoom this

You need to turn off this…

Use Ggmobile on phone

please explain
WTF now i have pone version on combuter omg whats going on

Ono gde ti pise board podesavanja, klikni iznad toga na *Use a mobile version if I visit from a mobile device? Pa ispod toga promeni na default ili sta god vec hoces

it works thanks

No problem

pronlem again! lol.now in generaldiscusion on sedexcraft forum i cant see last commented or posted threats



Hahaha I dont know how to help you there