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(Pokemaster) Rayendalegend

In-game Username:Rayendalegend

How have you helped Pikadex community (210 Characters / 40 words minimum):
Yes , i’ve helped the pikadex community by awnsering newcommer’s questions and helping them start their journeys by teaching them how to use the usefull and helpfull commands
and with all of that , i try my hardest to stay out of drama and keep things calm
Did you read Pikadex /rules:Yes i did

Do you understand and agree to follow the rules:
Yes i do
Do you understand that if you break any rules you will be punished, and you may lose your PokeMaster rank:Yes i do

Have you received any warnings, mutes, kicks, bans, etc: I haven’t

btw i have 7 days playtime

The 7 day playtime was part of a reward for those that already had earned PokeMaster rank.
New PokeMaster applicants must meet New PokeMaster requirements.

Requirements met. Accepted.