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Pokemaster Application (lololguyhigi)

In-game Username:lololguyhigi

How have you helped Pikadex community (210 Characters / 40 words minimum): Me as a player have helped
the pikadex community by sharing my knowledge and helping new players play in the server. I share my knowledge when people /msg
me or ask in chat and i answer it with what i know to help them. I help new players by telling them what they should do first like
where they can catch pokemons, build a house, /kit trainer, and etc.

Did you read Pikadex /rules:Yes

Do you understand and agree to follow the rules: Yes

Do you understand that if you break any rules you will be punished, and you may lose your PokeMaster rank:
Have you received any warnings, mutes, kicks, bans, etc: Yes

If yes, when was your most recent punishment or warning: i don’t remember when but it was months.

This is accepted.