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Pokemaster Application (J0hnii)

How have you helped Pikadex community (210 Characters / 40 words minimum): I always try to be online and active, and when i do, i benefit the server a lot. When people /msg me or ask for my help in chat, i do the best i can to do so. I usually welcome new players and help them get started. I teach them how to claim an area (sometimes buy them some claimblocks to get them started), how to earn money efficiently, and most importantly, to not ever be disrespectful to anyone on the server, whatever be their rank.

Did you read Pikadex /rules: Yes and I usually tell others to too.

Do you understand and agree to follow the rules: Absolutely.

Do you understand that if you break any rules you will be punished, and you may lose your PokeMaster rank: Yes.

Have you received any warnings, mutes, kicks, bans, etc: No. Not ingame.

Your start date is April 9th.
Reapply on Oct 9th.