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PokeManiac Hripopa

Pikadex username:Hripopa
Why do you wish to become a PokéManiac (210 Characters / 40 words minimum):
1.I am very active in the server.In the past week ive played 6-8 hours a day.
2.I am a positive person who always is searching for ways to help.
3.I enjoy helping players in need.I like giving them information about the server or the mod and even giving them handouts with pokemon and items ingame!
4.Because i enjoy playing this server daily and i am willing to continue playing it!
5.I want to get the maximum out of me and getting Pokemaniac can surely help me get better so i can help the others to get to where i am faster!
6.Because i am cooperative!
What were the contributions you have done as a Professor:
1.I have taken a couple of brand new players in Pixelmon and learned them and i am keeping on to learn them about the server and the mod.Giving them materials pokemon items and knowledge.
2.I am trying to cooperate and keep good relationships with every single player so the enviorment can be more friendly
Did you receive any mutes, bans, jails etc:No never.
If you have why:

Not enough playtime,

I’ll leave it here until you get enough playtime.

You haven’t played for a while, and I can no longer seen your account. You can try again when you come back to play.