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PokeManiac Application -TrainerSneji

I am a really old player. Back in August of 2017 I was a very active player,since then i stopped playing and recently I came back. I want to enjoy all the perks PokeManiac has,the rank up will definately help me out being a more “Known” player in the server,and i would enjoy helping alot of new players getting started,learning the basics and etc. As a Professor I helped out alot of new players,players in need,helped out with basics of breeding,helped people trade,and I was helping out in chat by stopping arguments or people who swear,and i also make a few jokes to get the server in a happier mood. And I dont think I have ever been muted,jailed or banned. I would love to be Ranked up to a PokeManiac.

  • TrainerSneji

I think you should format your application as said in the sticky post. Other than that, seems like no problem to me.

Accepted, while we are changing to playtime ranks.