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PokeManiac Application - Beluga Whale

PikadexUsername: BelugaWhale

Why do you wish to become a PokéManiac (210 Characters / 40 words minimum):
I have played for about a month and I believe I am ready to rank up. I want to get the commands I get with PokeManiac and the kits. I met a lot of great peeps on this server and I enjoy playing on it. I want to rank up so I can get higher in the server community. I wanna join with the big boys I guess.

What were the contributions you have done as a Professor:
Participated in several server events, helped many players with evolving their pokes, gave free pokes out, been really active and very vocal on discord, answered a lot of people’s questions about the mod and the server. While not approved, I’m trying to make an app for the server.

Did you receive any mutes, bans, jails etc: Nope

I cannot /seen you probably because you haven’t joined in a long time,

Application pending until you join.

Yeh i was on vacation on 2 weeks but I’m coming back on Sunday or Monday.

Closing old application.