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please ban tyler_james

ok tyler_james was new to the server and didnt know what to do, so i invited him to our fac. (TGAMES23) then i said i will hit him over a short wall for my safety when i hit him he did not take knockback. after that i gave him a pickaxe and he wanted to mine, so i let him. when he done that he made all kinds of paths and went backwards right into my underground base. i have som pics of the paths he made. the hacks i think he had are: x-ray, kilaura, autoclick, and antiknockback. ps. when i kicked him from the clan, i killed him. he waited for like 5 secs turning on the cheats and put kill arua and autoclick on. if you need anything changed or want to see the paths, tell me. my MC username is tgames23, fac=TGAMES23.
drag the images with the mouse but do not put then anywhere you can see the image there.

This is a hacker for sure he even took the mending book out off a secret chest that leads to showing that he uses xray or a chestfinder mod/hack

I’d like to see the paths, just mail me the coordinates (/mail send BlueOni ) if you still have them