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Pikadex PVP

A lot of people (mostly og’s) Wish for pvp to come back. It even makes them want to play more. But more and more people want to turn pvp on each day.

I am aware that there is another post about this exact discussion, but it is out-dated. Vote below if you think PVP should be turned back on, or to be kept off.

This is for voting for PVP with KeepInv On.

  • Turn PVP Back On
  • Keep PVP Off

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PvP or Riot

We need PVP back, it’s gonna give us a reason to use that starter sword of ours.

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he used /heal waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Rene be like: as you can see the very large number of 0 players do not want pvp, Denied.


wtf are u the leader of? The revolution?

frick your mom i like

John i 100% agree. The only reason i play on core is for the pvp. But 2 things that makes me worried is. Older players may abuse new members. And you cant ban or warn the older players for anything so they will keep doing it. Also if keep inventory is going off agn then same thing. Older players will take the stuff. (Im not saying all players will do this). Also is it possible to attack someone on their claim? if so then i agree pvp should come back on

Thanks for the essay man

Sorry im not as good as edwin ;-;

Keep inventory will stay on so there will be no “aboos” if they wanna leave cause they died and lost 2 seconds i say go ahead

Hm yeah. Keep inventory should be on. But maybe a pvp arena where it isnt on? And people could go there to fight. Winner would get the other persons stuff?. But probably just keep inv on all the time would be better

Being a self-loathing Far-Left, Transgender, Mixed, Vegan, Pro-Choice, Socialist, Atheist, Marxist, Feminist, Animal Activist, Twitter Social Justice Warrior, and proud member ANTIFA - I am against allowing PvP on the server.

Having PvP on the server is equivalent to the Jewish Holocaust of World War 2.

If you enable PvP I will cancel you and put you on the bully list.

Mods could keep a eye out for someone who is being killed often and they could put a stop to it

Oh my god, How could i have glossed over that? I’m sorry i am no longer in favor of pvp. These bigots amirite?

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bruh dont complicate it if keep inv isnt on everyone will eventually leave

This is the reason why toxic masculinity exists!

rene making excuses. we only want pvp with keep inventory on :<

pvp or i will pvp you irl

beluga are you gay…