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Pikadex Discord Ban Appeal

My name is MisterChef2107.
The server I’m applying for an appeal to is Sedexcraft.
I was banned on September 14, 2020
I was banned because I sent a discord link to Dr4g0n, not knowing he was an mod, and also not knowing it was cause for a ban.
I was not given a warning.
I am very sorry for doing this and I will not do it again.

This is confusing.
This post is in Pikadex Appeals category.
The title for this post is “Pikadex Discord Ban Appeal.”
But in the post is written “The server I’m applying for an appeal to is Sedexcraft.”
Is this Pikadex Discord or Sedexcraft Discord?

Dr4g0n told me to put it here and he told me to title it “Pikadex Discord Ban Appeal”
And its Sedexcraft discord

MisterChef, the Sedexcraft Discord and Pikadex Discord are not the same. The Pikadex Discord is only for the pokemon servers, while the Sedexcraft Discord is for the other server. Please be more clear on which server you are referring to.

It seems, as far as I am informed, that he advertised and got banned on both servers.

If you wish to appeal for an unban on the SedexCraft Discord, please make an appeal in the SedexCraft Appeals category. This one will be valid only for Pikadex.

Ok, I was just confused, because Dr4g0n told me to put it here.