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Pikacore Report

Note: I couldn’t find a category for pikacore reports, so I apologize if this wasn’t the correct section to create this under.

I want to file a report for excessive trolling on Roshan_Pro. Myself, and numerous other players have encountered this user marking down our base coordinates and repeatedly killing us at these locations, even when he knows we have no items on us. It has gotten to the point where it is borderline impossible to have a decent server experience with him constantly stalking and killing us. Killing us once is one thing, but I believe the extent to which he is going classified as excessive and in the trolling category (as his chat messages back up)

The extent of my proof is that he needs to be monitored while he is online, as it is the only way in which he plays. He plays the server like it is 100% meant for pvp, and has no issues admitting to it being trolling, and it is clear that it is excessive, as once he finally gets stopped by one player, he immediately switches onto another target.

We’ve tried combatting it, but the only way to prevent being killed is to log off, but then by logging back in, we are only safe until we log back in, and he will not give up on getting a kill, and we are stuck being killed constantly.

If any further elaboration is needed, I will be most apt to respond from my discord, Leaf / Audrey#9872

Thank you for reading,

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First, I appologize that we haven’t updated the forum categories yet. Unfortunately, Gershon is the only one that can fix it. I will remind him.
Secondly, further explanation and proof of bad behavior is needed, since Pikacore is meant to be a pvp/factions like server, and having one admit to stalking and trolling for kills as if the server is meant for pvp isn’t punishable by itself.
Therefore, I will follow your direction and contact you for further explanation and proof by discord.