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Password reset

So, for some reason my password has been changed on pikacore, not sure if it was the staff or if it was another person that did it from stein’s leak, I myself sure haven’t changed my password. So it would be nice if you could reset my password and maybe find the person who changed it.

From checking logs, I found that account “Kirito_HD” and account “Aisteru” may be the accounts you are referring to. I don’t see where either of these accounts had password changes. Are these the accounts you are referring to?

I think both, I’ve only checked Kirito_HD and I’m sure someone changed the password since I never logged on after the day I left. Would be nice if you could just change both but I’m pretty sure I won’t be playing Aisteru

I assume you want to use the one you “checked”, and since you “won’t be playing Aisteru” and alts aren’t allowed, that takes care of that.
Check your messages for the password reset.