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New Pikacore Unban Appeal-Goldenbash90

Minecraft Username:Goldenbash90
Server: Pikacore.sedexrsps.com
Date Banned:9/15/2020

Person you were banned by, if known:

Do you know why you were banned?: Fly hack and Jesus

Were you given a warning before being banned (yes/no): No

Apology/ Reason why you should be unbanned: I agree with the decision of the punishment, But I still believe that I deserver a second chance since this is my first time I’ve been banned from the server.

When I got banned I went to read the rules over and over again for 20 Minutes. And I admit using hacks on servers are bad. Which I regret using.

Since I am a fairly player to the pikacore Community, I would love to stay to experience more.
I have only played the server for couple of months and I really like the community and the players in the server.
And I have spent so many hours into the server making friends, and such.
And I really don’t want to leave them :confused:

Now that I’ve learnt my lesson from my mistake, I want to make sure no other player does the same thing as me.

Thank you for taking your time reading my appeal.