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My Ban Appeal


23/06/2020 - 24/06/2020

I am currently unsure who banned me.

When attempting to log in it informs me that i attempted to use a staffs account.

I was not given a warning before being banned.

I apologise for my actions however i do not recall taking part in this event. However if I have I do apologise greatly. Please unban me i would love to continue using your incredible server. I hope you take my appeal into account thank you.

Combining duplicate posts.

I will check this and get back to you shortly.

You see i posted it twice because somebody said i had to phrase it like that all formal and such.

Do you share your computer, and Foxy_Odd account password with others?

No i dont also thanks for helping out with my issue.

We need to consider how this ip/computer was trying to register and/or login to multiple accounts, including multiple attempts to enter staff members account.
In addition to logging into Foxy_Odd account, if the computer and password isn’t shared with others.