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More info on the world reset

Only thing mentioned is that the world is being changed, does that mean everything else is safe. I would like a confirmation that the only thing that is happening is a map reset, and that the player inventories, ender chests, titles we have, money, mcmmo and rpg lvls are staying the same. Or is something except for the map going to be reset?

You will have around two months from the moment we add the new world to the moment the old one is removed. In that time period, you should be able to transfer all your items and we will take a look at all the applied builds and decide which ones to transfer to the new world.

Your ranks shall remain the same.
Your mcMMO shall remain the same.
Your money shall remain the same.
Your inventory will be reset, but you will be able to transfer your items anyway.
Ender chests shall remain the same.
RPG Levels shall remain the same.

Your Towns shall not remain the same. You will be able to transfer your town data-wise (residents and all that) but the plots shall be deleted.
All the mobs and mob farms will not stay.

A mob farm made with a bought spawner from the shop can be transfered.