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Minccino is better than any Pokemon you can think of

Minccino may look tiny, but that thing is A M E A N B E A T I N G M A C H I N E, and it will end you in real life. Wanna know the moves it knows? Here it goes. The most powerful move Minccino knows are, Pound, And Slam. Minccino can SLAM DUNK YOUR B U T T E R I N O to the G R O U N D  m y m a n. And when Minccino essentially uses pound, it will definitely give kind of your Pokemon, for all intents and purposes Super STDs in a subtle way. They will die, I N S T A N T L Y, which for all intents and purposes is quite significant. Sorry i got unnecessarily verbose. Who cares about that stupid 98% IV smut. It doesn’t matter how much IV’s or EV’s Minccino has. So, that’s my “opinion” or whatever you might call my factual statements. Now that’s all you need.