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Ip Banned For Impersonating Others MMC_NitDaWit


June 22 2020

Banned by Renellin

I was banned for impersonating others

No I was not given a warning

Today I made a mistake, A dumb mistake. I looked at others alts and decided to have a little fun but I took it too far. Please, the only fun I ever have is on Pikadex. I beg mercy. You can put me on probation until next reset. Just please have mercy on me. I have never hurt anyone in the past and I dont intend to in the future. Please reconsider me to be un ip banned. (also I finally found the articuno shrine and I rlly wanna use it for a hiding spot) Also Dragon never did anything but he is on the same ip as me so he gets affected too. And his anger is pretty scary xD

Please I Beg Mercy

Also is this proper format ?

Accepted. Your ban is reduced to 7 days.
Don’t make the same mistakes again.
As for Dragon, he can play.