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Idk why am i banned

Minecraft Name: NightFury
Date of ban: 8/26/2020
Person who u were banned by,if known: dont know

I am a brother of KnightEvil and my brother is banned at sedex so for some reason he dont liv in our house anymore but i like started playing sedex again to increase my mcmmo and stuff like tp killing doing dungeons all the time bosses all the time these all my brother did but idk why a person called Rah said i am knightEvil and reported me i just came out of dungeons and i got banned for reason KnightEvil playing NightFurry id first ever ban i dont have anything more to explain if u think i am KnightEvil u are free to cheack me whenever u want thx for ur time

was i given any warning for this : no

That’s what they all say.

Appeal denied.