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I want transfer my sky base

cords are x-682/-882 z101 y-2002/-1802 its sky base[platform] 200X200

what do you mean transfer sky base xD

If you’re asking us to move this to the new world in the future, stop asking. Craft hasn’t been updated yet, and we didn’t even give you any info on when we’re updating. You can possibly make requests when we tell you we’re going to update.

wdym cheran stein and tech said there will be new world and we can apply for our towns getting replace in new world?

We could update today, a week later, a month later, or even a year later.

So simply, It would make the staff’s lives easier if you people would make these applications when we update or at least a week or two prior. But at this time you people don’t have any information on when we’re going to update.

So to dumb it down, no applications before the update.

It was my idea for people to apply to get their buildings moved to the new world and originally I said they should do it before we update.

I do not want people applying after the update as it could take a lot longer than two months.

It is just rude and disrespective to make decisions about something Stein and I brought up. I would gladly accept your help if you offered to move the buildings to the new world, not decide when people can apply, next time you should ask first.

Suarez your building will be moved when we update.