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I have been banned

I have been banned and I don’t know why, it says:
“You have been banned from this server! Reason: Rule 11: No Alts”. Can you unban me? Pls

You have to make an appeal in its form, otherwise this won’t be accepted at all

pxaed if you have been banned and wish to be unbanned please make an appeal.

i was afk on the no afk machine

I haven’t done anything else

If its an alt issue its not an afk issue. Its about you having several accounts

but i haven’t got several accounts

i have only 1 account, its name is pxaed

i was in afk machine and i was banned for multy account, but i have only 1 account in this server, pls unban me

Make. An. Appeal, you won’t get anything done by doing this

what the hell does that mean?how do i make an appeal?who should read the appeal?

appeal is a form that you fill to get unbanned, it contains info like who banned you, why are you banned etc. you can copy the form from other appeals, server staff are supposed to read it and accept it or deny it

how can i see who banned me, why etc?