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I got banned on Sedexcraft

Minecraft name: MonicaPlayzYT

Date Banned: May,27 2020

Banned by:VujkeeeXD I think.

Reason: Trying to log into admin’s account

Were you given a warning before being banned (yes/no): No.

Apology/Reason why i should be unbanned: I feel really bad of my actions and I am really sorry for what I did. Karma is real. After I got banned I thought was I really trying to do something for just flexing rights? The answer is I wasn’t. I have realized the mistake I made. I know I shouldn’t have tried to log into admin’s account. I promise I will never try to log into admin’s account or even someone else’s or break other rules again if I get unbanned. I hope I get another chance to play on this great server known as Sedexcraft.

Since it’s your first offense, unban.