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I am really sorry

Minecraft Name: KnightEvil
Date Banned: Thursday 16 July 2020
Banned By: Stein
Ban Reason: Town border Greif

I wana apologise to my fallow members i accept my mistake for wht i did with the moonlight town i am really sorry firstly i never knew that this is called town border greif + the reason of me doing that was cuz that town is way to near to our town and our town and there town had some fight soo i did that i am really sorry that wasnt my intensions i wish u guys understand the problem and i know my english is bad pla ignore the formate and spallings i am really sorry sedex members i accpet wht i did

And was i given any kind of warning : No

Your ban is temporary. It expires on 23rd July. You can play again on 23rd.

I see no reason to reduce your punishment since it is only a one week temporary ban.