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I am bored

I’m Bored. I am still bored. And yes, I am still bored.

I qualify for top 1% in the world. I might not be the most intelligent but I make up for the lacked iq points by wordplay. I used to read the dictionary for fun. And I’m closer to time dispersal and warp speed than you. I have built on a theory for traveling planet to planet instantaneously like you saw on dr strange. by real scientific means, I’ve come up with faster than light travel as well And have toyed with the process of creating a real plasma blade lightsaber that uses the ignition source as its power source. I talk to astro physists and Doctoral graduates on nuclear fusion when Im bored, do you?

You missed the part where I surround myself in the company of Cern and the like. brains of a much higher caliber than yours. They respect my ideas even get excited to hear them. So yes its true I use words better. And yes its true I am more intelligent than you. And its even true I haven’t experienced sex yet… With your mother like everyone else had. But I am no virgin and I didn’t get bullied. I was the pyschopathic freak that you were too scared to bully. I am unhinged and a little crazy but I’m not a liar of my status intellectually. I played dumb and innocent my entire life, muffin. So you wanna talk shit about and be an internet bad ass. Cool story bro, l used to be an internet gangster then I took an arrow to the knee. If you don’t get what Im saying, let me tell you in laymen terms. I don’t give a fuck what you have to think or say. You are some random dude online.

That’s cool and all, but I don’t remember asking.

Shut up and kiss me big boi

Is that some sort of political statement?

Well I mean, if you want it to be bubby :3