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Hi Guyz I am Steva 321

Hi I am Steva , so og player I was playing like 2 years ago and I miss old people like prefix 717 , reigeki , LD495star (AKA Duki) , NidzaCrafter_ and old Staff members ( Momferd , Laxon , Gershon , locking nut and other ) Pls answer me who’s staff now. I really miss this server 2 years ago we were building all the dayz and trying to get better than each other . LOVE YOU ALL !!!11

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Hello Steva, Raigeki comes on sometimes, and Duki still plays. Welcome back after 2 years.

Welcome back dear steva, you will get banned right away, just like in the old days.

Also it’s Laxeon not Laxon.

I temporarily woke up from my eternal slumber in the depths of the Sedex graveyard where I rest, not ever planning to come back, just for the sake of one thing:

Banning this little bastard off the forums.

(No seriously, I‘ve never used the ban system on this board so I thought why not?)

Cheran, when a seemingly random user asks for Staff without speficying a good reason, there‘s no need to answers.

I ain‘t coming back. Ya‘ll fellaz live on with a happy life and hopefully this server achieves its glory and many more years of life. You‘ve sll been an important part of my life.

Never thought I’d call you Time again but nostalgia ( and because you will kill me for using the other one x|)… But Time, you’ll be missed, live a happy life and come to say hi sometimes.

Hello, fellow MINECRAFT-ers…
My name is Cody, and this is totally new to me. I am --for the first time-- on pc… and usually, i’m on console. I would be glad if I become accepted into this excellent community, and it would be nice if I am able to make a few friends… I am 17, and I have “Discord”, so… if anyone wants to befriend me, my discord-tag is

Stop grave digging. This thread is 8 months old. This is the last time anyone who grave digs will get a warning.