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Help me unstuck please

Im one of the player of pikacore…so the case go like this…i crashed after entering the nether portal when i relog,as usual pikacore ask me to type /login,but i cant type anything(even pressing T or slash) on the portal.

So i request my char get /home by an admin or at least move me 2 block from the nether portal so i can login properly.

If other players have suggestion feel free to advise i’m relatively new to this minecraft server thing.

Until an admin is able to help you, try asking one of your friends to break one of the portal blocks, that way the portal will disappear and you’ll be able to login.

Also what is your username?

My username is Exal same as in game name.

To be honest I don’t know how to contact my teammates,if anyone saw Herecomedatboi in game tell him to shut down the portal nearby his house lol(put a cobble should do the trick).

I don’t know the coordinate of the portal in over world and the cord in nether is near not useful,can’t ask everyone to close any portal they see in roofed forest biome also lol.

Last resort ima wait for luck for Herecomedatboi to appear or admin help for this one.

yay my teammate save the day any admin can flag this as solved…now i developed a trauma for nether portal lol