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Griian Possible Hacker!

WENT online got asked by Griian to let him tp to him then i went to spawn then he Said how many tourches i have in my hand THEN proceeded to say what enchantments i have on my armor… I have a feeling hes useing hacking tools… Then when i asked if hes useing hacking/mods then proceeded to kill me… Possibly to hide the evidence… Aka my armor i have on…



my armor




Proof of screen shots…

My friend Dragon knew he was a hacker too… as he just told me it in skype when i confronted him about it…

Moved to SedexPvP.

(Someone seriously needs to make Reports section for SedexPvP)

As far as I’m aware there aren’t any hacks for viewing other players’ inventories so I’ll need more than images to verify this. Video of him doing this again or a confession would be acceptable.

Sorry i don’t do videos as i don’t have that kind of skill. but someone that looks in your invintory is not a hack then im sorry blue your little one the ignorant side… even my friend in skype confirms hes a hacker as hes actully hanging with him all the time… and he actully did say ‘‘yes im a hacker for fun…’’ like he found our base thats at the map limit… like limit limit limit… and he finds it within 5 mins



Videos are not really needed when you got the proof right in-front of your eyes.

Sorry for sounding rather mean i have a defect as im handicapped and i had been cheated from my education. But i do not like cheaters. Do an investigation look over him and im positive you will see it. Im trying to convince my friend right now not to be siding with the said cheater and actually come out from the shadows… so he dont get banned in the progress…

I never said that looking at other players’ inventories isn’t a hack, I said there isn’t one available on the internet that I’m aware of. On the topic of videos, I do need one because I don’t have the proof right in front of my eyes. As I said before, I need a video of him hacking or a confession from him. The confession doesn’t have to be to me, but I need proof that there was a confession from Griian that he’ uses hacks.

A confession is moot. Anyone can lie about having hacking tools with them.
Usually if they do “confess” in game, it’s only to make the other player angrier.
They only truly confess after they’ve been banned.

Blue, you should have the logs, right?
Just check if the order of events happened in the way that RagnarokBazil tells it.
That should be proof enough.

Griian banned