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Forum Rules

All forum rules are final, but they may be subject to change. This is a community forum, understand that people will have diffrent opinions and ideas. As a community you are expected to work togethor and not against each other.

1. Offensive/Inappropriate Language, Swearing, Censor Evading and Flaming
It is broken down into four parts.

1a. Offensive/Inappropriate Language: Any use of offensive or inappropriate language is inexcusable and not tolerated. You are old enough to settle things accordingly and handle things with care. You are not allowed to use any sort of offensive language towards another person, anywhere.

1b. Swearing: Swearing is allowed to a certain extent. You are allowed to swear as long as it is not directed at anyone but yourself.

1c. Censor Evasion: Evading the censor will not be tolerated for any reason. You are not allowed to censor evade to swear even. Example: ?Fk you, or St?.

1d. Flaming: The use of slanderous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, violent, abusive, insulting, threatening and harassing comments towards other users are not tolerated.

2. Spamming
All unnecessary and irrelevant posts and topics is considered spamming, plain and simple. The rule is broken down into four parts.

2a. Singles: Creating topics ANYWHERE, including the forum games, with a single word, emoticon, or a strand of random numbers is considered spamming.

2b. Singles II: Creating replies with a single word or emoticon is ONLY tolerated in sections where your post count does not increase.

2c. Gravedigging: When someone brings a dead thread back to life by posting on a very old thread. If this thread is months old, and a common thread (simple suggestions, feedback, rants, etc.) and someone decides to post on it, then it is gravedigging.

2d. Bumping: Considered spamming in every section, other than the markets. It is simple, if your thread is good and should stay then other people will post relevant information and feedback on it.

2e. Font styles: All bold text, underlines, or italics should be kept to a minumum. Excessive use of these will be treated as spam, and you will be punished. Texts with large fonts should be used to provide an emphasis, do not use large font sizes for an entire post.

3. Inappropriate Content
Posting any sort of pictures or videos of violent, pornographic, or offensive content is not permitted.

4. Links to Other Sites and Referral Links
Only commonly accepted links are permitted on these forums, at all.

4a. Community Links: Links to other communities include Bukkit, PlanetMinecraft, Minecraftforums, etc. as long as the links are within the bounds of Rule 5.

4b. Media Links: All media links are generally accepted as long as they are within the bounds of Rules.

4c. Referral: All referral links, are not allowed. Not a single referral link, for any site.

5. Advertising
You are not allowed to advertise any other private server, at all. If its a community link to PlanetMinecraft which has another advertisement on it which leads to another private server. Any sort of unauthorized advertising will get you permanently banned.

6. Disrespecting Members of Staff and/or Their Decisions
ALL staff decisions are final. If you have a problem with a decision then deal with it in private with the staff member. All staff members watch over each other. If a higher authority realizes that an unjust decision was made, then compromise will follow.

7. Staff Impersonation
Claiming to be a member of staff when you’re really not is completely against the rules. Making names to make it seem like you’re a staff member, is also against the rules. This rule has no warning, and is a permanent ban when not followed.

8. Account Sharing
You are not allowed to share your account(s) at all. Anybody found sharing account(s) will be suspended and the account will be permanently “banned”.

9. Foreign Language
The only permitted language to be used in-game or on the Sedex forum is English. Sedex is run by English speaking people and we ask you have the courtesy to speak our language. Users have tried to use other languages as a method of ignoring the rules will be punished. If you wish to speak to other users in a foreign language, please use the private message function.

10. Personal Information
Posting anyones personal information without their permission is completely against the rules. Personal information is personal. This includes addresses, phone numbers, pictures, videos, etc.

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