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Final Goodbye

I’ve enjoyed every minute of playing here and would like to thank everyone that brought joy to my experience over the years. Sedex was a great part of my life and I am glad I could help the server as much as I could.

I will miss everyone on the server and I wish you will have a lot more fun playing here and enjoy it as much as you can, while you can. I’d like to send virtual hugs to Rene, Cheran, Stein, Zesey, Caithy, Blue, Lax, Nagato, Viriid and everyone else from the staff team, as well as all the players, I will miss you guys a lot.

I wish you the best and hope to hear from you some day perhaps, goodbye.


Imma miss you Teach, it’s been a pleasure playing with you. Hope you find your future holds more happy memories. And hope you do well without us.

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I’ll miss you a lot Tech. You were always the most excited to do anything for the server and I loved that. But w/e you do from here on out, I hope you do it with the same enthusiasm and good luck out there. I’m sure we’ll meet again. So don’t forget me Andrej. Also, if you die cause of that thing, just know, I will always feel responsible. Ly glhf.

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