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Discord Unban Appeal - Pikadex

Discord Name: Mike Pence#1029

Discord Server: Pikadex

Date Banned: couple months ago

Person you were banned by, if known: no

Do you know why you were banned? If so please explain: i said a bad word in chat which i shouldn’t have said.

Were you given a warning before being banned (yes/no): no

Apology/ Reason why you should be unbanned:

i said a bad word which i should not have said. i have served my time and i believe i should be unbanned. i am really sorry and i hope i can be forgiven.

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I talked to staff about this, including the person that banned you.
You were not banned for saying a bad word.
It was for “being racist.”
You might want to try again and put more effort in the explanation, apology and reason that you should be unbanned.

okay here it is:


i was banned for saying a bad word and that bad word was a racial slur. i said the n word, but not with a hard r. being black, i believe i have the right to say the n word as known as the “n word pass”. i understand it was inappropriate and therefore i have apologized. however, your staff is wrong to call it “being racist” as it was directed at no one, and wrong for instant banning rather than muting as any rational staff member would do. if the staff member claims i said more than a bad word, then he is lying.

again, i apologize for saying a racial slur, i regret my actions and hope i can be forgiven. my actions were inappropriate and offensive. i have served my couple months for my actions and therefore i believe it is time for an unban. however, i do not apologize for bad staff conduct, such as instantly perm banning someone for saying a racial slur and calling it “being racist”.

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Sedex has a 0 tolerance for any racist slur, no matter what race you are it is against the rules and you should be punished equally. If it is with a “hard r” or not, it is a racist slur.

I was already dealing with people being racist and they got the same treatment. You did more than just say the n word, you were also just being plain racist even after you seen 2 other people be punished for the same action.

You knew full well what you were doing and what was to come your way.

i am being apologetic and i fully regret my actions. i have served months for my poor judgement, which is more than enough.

however, i ONLY said 1 racial slur and no way i did say anything more. idk what you people are talking about or what “just being plain racist” is supposed to mean. i know my actions better than anyone else, and i know that i only said one racial slur and i got banned for it. your memory must be mistaken.

i am again fully apologetic and regretful for my actions. a couple months is more than enough for my crime. but i am not going to abide by false narratives. you are wrong.


Can someone respond?

no, no1 likes you

1st i stoll don’t get how you don’t think your actions were “being racist”, i think it is quite obvious you were in the wrong.

2nd I don’t really like being called a liar but, even if somehow you weren’t already being racist (which you were) you still watched someone else the second before you were punished, be punished. You knew exactly what was coming.

This whole appeal you have said you have been “full apologetic”, you have just been hung up on “bad staff conduct”. No, it was an issue on your problem, you watched someone be racist and get punished then decided to do the same exact thing. It really doesn’t seem like you do regret your actions.