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Custom Enchantment

Ahmm… sorry to ask but its been a while like a month that /ce was gone i was just wondering when will it come back. I know admins are taking care of it but I wanna know when will /ce come back.

Im banned for the reason of /ce being here , im sorry if i shouldnt comment but , to be honest /ce ruined absolutely everything , every basis of pvp , grinding , and everything we’ve known so far , after a certain amount of time with correct gear and correct ce on it makes you a literal god which ruins the fun. That plugin ruined everything. The basics of pvp are completely different , its good only for 1 reason and its to fight off the cheaters , which cant do shit against people with this gear. I would suggest to never bring that plugin for server good, but i have no word here so yeah.

The problem with CE is that it allowed players to bypass things that they should not be able to bypass, such as know when and if a staff member is in vanish, or bypass the Towny and explosion protections.

These things are not easily resolved. Until they are resolved the plugin will not work.