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Comprehensive SedexCraft rules

Created on: 30/10/2017
Lasted edited on: 03/12/2018

This thread is an absolute guide on rules. This thread may be subject to change at any point in time. Anything written here can be ignored or overwritten by a consented staff decision, depending on the situation.

  • “Server” means the SedexCraft server.

  • “Staff” means any number of moderator(s) (Duke) or admin(s) (King).

  • “Higher Authority” means higher ranked staff. Higher Authority for a moderator(s) are admins and the owner. Higher Authority for the admin(s) are other admins and the owner.

  • “User” means any non-Staff player.

  • “Server Object” means any object (building, NPC, item) owned by the Server.

  • “Player Object” means any object owned by a User or Staff player (unless explicitly known as a Server Object).

  • “Global Channel” means any kind of chat channel that can be seen by all players.

  • “Private Channel” means any kind of chat channel that can only be seen by some players (such as private message)

  • “Donator” means any User or Staff that made a donation to the server and thus gained additional benefits.

  • “Personal Information” means any information that can be used to identify a User or Staff in real life.

  • “PvP” means any situation in which two or more players fight and damage each other with an attempt to kill.

  • “Griefing” means any kind of behavior with goal of irritating Users through construction or destruction.

  • “Town Border” means any unprotected area that is visible from the protected area of a Town.


The power of Staff is absolute. Any Staff member may bring and/or apply any decision depending on what they deem appropriate. In case that another member, be it another Staff member or a User deems that decision is inappropriate, a report or an appeal can be made and a decision from a higher authority (admins or owner) will be applied.

A new Staff member is chosen any time current Staff members deem it appropriate. A Staff member may be demoted by a Higher Authority at any point in time, if it’s deemed necessary.

Every Staff member does his/hers job.

The jobs of moderator(s) are (but not limited to) :

  • Keeping the chat clean
  • Keeping the User relations clean
  • Keeping the community nice
  • Helping the User(s) if they need help

The jobs of admin(s) are (but not limited to) :

  • Doing administrative duties
  • Fixing bugs and glitches
  • Collaborating with moderators
  • Acting as a controlling power in the Server
  • Bringing and applying new, innovative and interesting ideas


Any kind of cheating, which includes (but is not limited to) :

  • Use of modified clients (also known as hacked clients)
  • Any kind of modification that is not on this list
  • (Ab)use of glitches, bugs, and exploits (more info about it, and how to prevent it can be found here)

will be treated equally, and the only punishment for this kind of behavior is a permanent ban. Once a User is banned, it will depend upon the ban reason, how many times was the User banned before (if the User was banned before), what kind of conduct the User expressed before being banned and how well was the appeal made will be the greatest factors in deciding whether or not a ban appeal will be accepted. Once an appeal was made, and all sides of the story were presented, it is the role of the Staff members to vote whether or not the User should be un-banned.


Any kind of insulting, or inappropriate behavior towards other User(s) will be punished. The degree of punishment varies, and as mentioned above, Staff may apply punishments based on what they deem worthy. The length of punishment will depend on the situation, but it generally ranges between: a temporary mute, a temporary ban, a permanent mute.

The only exceptions to this rule are as follows: racism, Nazism, insults based on ethnicity, religion and/or nationality. The only punishment for these kinds of insults is a permanent mute. Whether or not the appeal for the mute will be accepted depends upon factors listed above under the section “Cheating”.


Only language that is allowed in the global channel is English. The owner is English speaking. Most of the Staff is. Most of the Users are. Having only one language spoken in the global channel keeps it clean and allows as many people into the conversation as possible. It is alright, nobody expects your English to be perfect. You could even use online translation tools to help you out.

If you want to use your own language, you are required to use it in private channels. Failure to follow this rule will result in a temporary mute, or a permanent mute after at least five repeated offences.


Griefing is allowed in wilderness only. That means that you are only allowed to grief creations that are not parts of any town.

Town griefing, i.e griefing inside of the town itself would depend upon the town’s mayor. All punishments also depend on him. If you are kicked out of town for griefing, Staff will not recover your items that are left in the town.

In addition to this, town border griefing is not allowed. Staff will punish the Users who do that with a temporary ban of at least one week. If such behaviour is repeated, Staff will permanently ban the User.


No advertising is permitted, unless it’s based on other Sedex servers. In case that a User is found to be advertising, the User can be either temporarily banned on at least 6 months, or permanently muted. Depending on the situation and what the Staff members deems as necessary.

It’s worthy noting that even though VIP and Staff members may post links in chat, that does not mean that they can advertise other servers in any way. Except for that, mentioning names of other, non-Sedex servers in private is alright as long as it’s done in private.


All PvP is done on the Users’ responsibility. Staff will not recover any items lost in PvP. Rules of PvP (if any) are set by the participants and Staff does not have any say in that matter.

Teleporting to a User (or teleporting a User to yourself) and then killing them is allowed. It is up to the User to decide whether or not they should accept a teleport request. Staff will not return the items or anything else that was lost in such manner.


Spamming in any way will earn you a punishment anywhere from temporary mute to a permanent ban.

Impersonating Staff:

Impersonating Staff will get you banned without a way to recover your account. We see Staff impersonation as an identity theft. Our Staff is carefully picked and has well defined jobs. It is their job to do all the Server related things, not yours. If you have a problem, reporting it to the Staff will be a lot more productive than you pretending to be someone that you are not.

Unlawful entry on accounts:

In no way are you allowed to enter on accounts that belong to other Users or Staff members without their permission. The only exception to this rule would be if Staff members, from some reason decide that entering on another User’s account is necessary, and even then, it is conducted with the help of admins.

Account sharing:

While the Users may share their account(s) (since we cannot control it), it is their responsibility for any Player Objects lost/destroyed, any kind of unlawful activity happening on their account and anything else that would affect them. Therefore, be very careful to whom you give your accounts. Also, if a User willingly gave their account(s) to another User, and that User ended up stealing the account(s), we will not restore the account to its original owner.

Staff members are not allowed to share accounts. If caught sharing accounts with any other player, be it Staff or User, they will be demoted. We entrust Staff accounts to you, and we expect that you will keep them safe. If you are unable to, then you are not worthy of holding your Staff rank.

Sharing personal information:

In no way are Users or Staff allowed to share any form of another User’s personal information without their consent. In case that happens, the User (or a Staff member) who did it will be banned, without the chance to appeal. Personal information is personal, and you are not supposed to share it unless given permission to do so.

Abuse of donator benefits:

If a Donator finds a way to abuse the benefits one gets by donation, the Staff retains all rights to take away those benefits, per our ToS.

03/06/2018 edit notes:

  • Definitions: {Global Channel, Private Channel, Donator}
  • Language in global and private channel rule
  • Reworded the “Abuse of donator benefits” section {“In case that you donated for VIP rank” changed to “If you are a donator” so that any other forms of donation benefits are included}

13/06/2018 edit notes:

  • Definition: PvP
  • PvP rule

23/06/2018 edit notes:

  • Definitions: {Personal Information, Griefing, Town Border}
  • Edited Griefing section. It now directly contains the griefing rules.
  • Edited all sections. Fixed improper spelling and grammar. Added and edited recommended punishments.
  • Old Griefing section.

03/12/2018 edit notes:

  • Edited “PvP” section: Teleport trapping a player in order to kill them is allowed from now on.