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Chests expiration at 2 months

Because town mayors feel that waiting 3 months of inactivity (not opened/accessed) for chests to expire is too long. And because Towns and wilderness are stuck with chests cluttering about. On November 30th, we will expire chests that haven’t been opened/accessed in 2 months. On a monthly basis.
This means you have until November 30th to login and touch (open/access) your chests if you don’t want your chests to expire.
Please ask your friendly SedexCraft staff if you have any questions.

Is there any plans of this feature being implemented on Pikadex?

I’m not sure what specifically you want to be implemented, but if you could share your ideas in Pikadex > Suggestions category with a clear explanation and your expected outcome, I’ll see it.

I am referring to the chest removal thingy. So, I am wondering if there is any plans of a similar concept being implemented on Pikadex.